Autism Therapies Parents Can Do for Their Kids At Home

Amisha Gandhi

2 February 2022

It’s expensive to care for a child with autism. Even if you have top-notch insurance and a great school district, you’ll pay premiums for everything from babysitting to summer camp. Therapy can be costly, too, especially when many of the best in-home therapists won’t accept insurance.

Fortunately, there are many well-established risk-free therapies that you can provide in the comfort of your own home with relatively little cost in time or money. If you’re hoping to save money while bonding with your child, these therapies are well worth trying.

1. Speech Therapy

If your child is struggling with potty training or comprehending simple instructions, you may be able to facilitate a leap forward with speech therapy. 

Speech therapy is ideal for children with language delays due to autism, but it’s also a powerful tool for parents who want their children to speak up for themselves. Speech therapy can help improve your child’s speech by teaching them how to use vocalisation and sign language.

2. Play Therapy

Play therapy is an alternative to speech therapy for kids with autism who have trouble expressing their emotions. Play therapy can help your child communicate by using toys instead of words.

Your child should be allowed to choose the toys they want to play with while you watch and listen. This will give you insights into your child’s mindset and help you better understand their thoughts and actions.

3. Sensory Therapy

Sensory therapy can be helpful for children with autism who feel overwhelmed by certain textures, sounds, and smells. Kids with sensory processing issues often have trouble making friends or learning due to overwhelming environments.

Sensory therapy will help your child learn to manage their feelings and emotions better. You can incorporate sensory therapies at home by making changes to your child’s surroundings. You can also enrol your child in a class where they will learn to manage better the sensory overload of loud noises, strong smells, strong tastes and so on.


Parents can do a lot to improve their children’s quality of life and learn and communicate. Some of the most effective therapies are ones you can do at home.

If you’re looking for a way to bond with your child, there’s nothing better than sharing the experience of helping your child learn. The added benefit is that once you’ve mastered a therapy, you can use your skills to help other autistic children at home and in the community.

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