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If you have any questions or concerns about Cloud Nine, our therapies, our services, or our approach, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can better address your questions or concerns.
Also, be sure to check our FAQ section to see if your questions are already addressed below.

1. How Occupational Therapists at Cloud Nine Therapy Service can help my child?

All of our therapists have extensive knowledge and experience in specialised fields of Paediatric Occupational therapy including:

  • Standardised assessments (M-Fun, DTVP, Scan 3 and many other scales)
  • Sensory over-reactivity, sensory under-reactivity, and sensory craving
  • Fine and gross motor development
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Auditory processing challenges
  • Feeding disorders
  • Social skills problems
  • Handwriting problems
  • Self care difficulties (sleep, dressing, toileting, etc.)

2. Is your therapy rooted in research?

All of our therapies are deeply rooted in peer-reviewed research and evidence-based trials. In line with our mission, our values, and our vision, we only provide therapies supported by research. In addition, our approach is centered around providing innovative, integrated therapy strategies that can best benefit our clients in a number of ways.

3. How do I get started?

.Taking first steps to the treatment.

Step 1: Contact us: Our intake officer will be in touch within two business days to conduct a free telephone screening to discuss key concerns of your child and to determine if we are the right service for your child.

Step 2: Intake form: You may get started by downloading and completing intake form.

Step 3: Once your form is received and reviewed, we will contact you to schedule a free Intake appointment. The Intake is a review of the client’s developmental history and current challenges.

Step 4: Our staff will contact you to schedule an appointment for assessment. The assessment session can take up to two hours. During this session we use the best standardised or non standardised assessment tools along with our clinical observation to determine your child’s strengths and challenges.

Step 5: Feedback session: A written report explaining the results is provided during the feedback session providing a complete review of our findings. During this session, we discuss the child’s treatment needs (e.g. type of the treatment, frequency etc). We also discuss and develop best therapy goals for your child relevant to his/her treatment needs and your priorities for change.

Step 6: Intervention: Ongoing therapy sessions.

4. Can Amisha be my child’s therapist?

While Amisha is our lead therapist, she already works with a large number of clients. If you should exclusively desire her services, you can inquire about her availability. However, all of our therapists are industry experts and have been trained by Amisha herself. We would recommend any of our therapists to provide effective therapy strategies to any of our clients.

5. How long should my child be in therapy?

While every child’s needs are different, we cannot place a deadline on therapy. We would recommend scheduling a consultation so that we can better assess the needs of your child. In addition, our therapies are designed to foster lasting positive impacts, we will work until we are able to ensure success.

6. How much does treatment cost?

Every client has different treatment needs. Because of this, assessment and treatment costs can vary greatly depending on each client’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Each individual’s costs are different. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and we will give you a better idea of what your costs are.

7. Can I claim on Medicare?

Cloud Nine Therapy Services is registered with Medicare Australia. You may be able to claim up to 5 occupational therapy sessions a year if you are eligible for the Enhanced Primary Care Plan. Please talk to your GP for more details.

8. Can I claim on Private health insurance?

In Australia, most private health insurance companies offer occupational therapy. Please check with your provider if your health cover allows you to pay for occupational therapy services.

9. I am paying privately, do you offer any payment plans for your services?

We realise that paying for therapy services can be a financial issue for families. In an effort to ease the burden on families, Cloud Nine Therapy Service offers a number of different payment options. Please contact us for more information.

10. What can I do if I am not happy with the service?

If a client or client’s family wishes to give the provider feedback or is not happy with the provision of support and wishes to make a complaint, please contact Amisha Gandhi on 0455772575 or send an email to amisha@cloudninetherapy.com.au.

If a client or client’s family is not satisfied or does not want to talk to this person, the client or client’s family can contact the NDIA by calling 1800 800 110, visit one of their offices in person or visit ndis.gov.au for further information.


What some of the parents are saying

Highly recommended. This place has three sensory gym and amazing resources. My son loves this place and his therapist. This place is very welcoming and super inclusive. I love their play based treatment model. My son has progressed very well since attending his weekly OT sessions at Cloud Nine Therapy services.
I highly recommend this place. My both kids have been attending weekly OT sessions at Cloud Nine past 18 months and we are so happy with their progress. Great facility and amazing team. I would not go anywhere else.
This place is Amazing! my son and my daughter love coming to cloud nine therapy! 😊 They are fully equipped and very clean. Amisha, Deepa and the team are Fantastic! They’re truly nurturing every child’s potential. I am so grateful that I found this place. My son’s focus and social skills improved tremendously. I highly recommended this place. Thanks cloud9therapy 💓 🌟🌝🌞💫🌈