7 Tips to Help Students with Dyslexia Enjoy Reading

Amisha Gandhi

9 May 2022

Reading motivation is a significant factor in whether students can improve their reading skills. However, their drive to read can be pretty low, especially for those with dyslexia

Luckily, there are some things you can do to help boost your child’s reading motivation that will also help them overcome dyslexia and manage their disabilities so they can become successful readers.

1. Make an Effort to Find Your Student’s Strengths

When trying to boost your child’s reading motivation, you want to focus on what they are good at. Look for areas where they are strong, and don’t worry about the parts where they are struggling. Find the things they are good at and use them as a foundation to build off of by encouraging them to read in those areas.

2. Make them Read Books They’re Interested In

If the student isn’t into reading or isn’t motivated to read, try to find books that are interesting to them. These will help them want to read and are one of the best ways to get them motivated to do so, especially those with dyslexia.

3. Give Them a Purpose for Reading

If you can find a reason for the child to read, you will be able to give them some motivation for reading. They can be given reading time with a reward for reading a set amount of time each day or reading a certain number of books. This can help a student who doesn’t like to read and doesn’t do it on their own.

4. Create a Positive Learning Environment

You can also help boost the child’s reading motivation by giving them a positive learning environment. Have an area where they can read, have books they enjoy, and make reading time special. If you create a positive environment, the child will more likely enjoy reading.

5. Allow Additional Time for Reading

With a child that has a disability, they need to take more time for reading. This is especially true for dyslexia. Make sure the child has extra time to read and allow them to use it to read a specific amount of time each day.

6. Help the Student Feel Like Reading Is a Priority

It is also important to make reading feel like an important activity. If they are doing it to get something they really want, they will be more likely to try to read. If they know they will get a reward or special treat, it will make them feel like they have a more personal reason to read.

7. Teach the Student to Read in Short Sessions

If the child has a hard time concentrating, you can make it easier on them by breaking up reading time into shorter sessions. If they must read for 10 minutes, they will find it easier to concentrate on the material. This will also help them learn how to read without getting overwhelmed and make them more likely to enjoy reading.


Many students with dyslexia have difficulties with reading and writing. However, any student can have low reading motivation and need help with reading. By implementing these strategies, you can help boost your child’s reading motivation and help them improve as a reader.

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