ADHD Coaching for Sydney Families & Schools

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopment condition that causes a specific pattern of behaviour. These behavioural traits usually revolve around difficulties maintaining attention, memory, organisation, time management, motivation, impulsivity, and others. Naturally, this can cause great difficulty in a world so structured and demanding as the one we live in. That is why seeking help, which is not always so easy to do, can help those with ADHD achieve great strides in improving their quality of life. 

Where to begin

ADHD coaching isn’t simply about being given a long list of facts and information about life with ADHD. It is the identification of personal attributes playing a major part in someone’s life, and creating transformative strategies that improve their productivity. To help with common, everyday challenges, such as managing time schedules, general organisation and goal settings, having an ADHD coach on hand can make all the difference. Cloud Nine Therapy offers ADHD coaching for residents throughout Glenwood, Castle Hill, Blackwood, Parramatta, and beyond.

Benefits of having an ADHD coach

ADHD coaching involves the acceptance of your ADHD, identifying and appreciating why it appears in your life, and then moving forward by using self-love and compassion. This will aid in embracing and developing your strengths, creating ways to overcome your weaknesses, and establishing a unique skillset that you can draw from. By gaining a sound understanding of how your mind works – how you receive and interpret information from the world around you – will help you improve your productivity, reduce the amount of difficulty you have when engaging with issues that were once challenges, and, as a result, boost your self-esteem, as you achieve new, unprecedented streams of successes.

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