We offer a range of evidence based Occupational therapy services to the kids with following challenges and diagnosis:

    Sensory processing challenges learn more

    Dyslexia and learning difficulties

    Attention deficit hyperactive disorders (ADHD) learn more

    Attention deficit disorder (ADD)

    Feeding challenges

    Developmental delays learn more

    Dyspraxia and motor planning issues

    Downs syndrome

    Handwriting and fine motor issues

    Gross motor challenges

    Challenges around self-care skills (including dressing, feeding, toileting etc) and social skills

    Emotional regulation difficulties

    Attention and organisational challenges

    Motor planning and sequencing challenges

    Poor play skills

    We provide highest quality occupational therapy assessment and evidence based intervention. We offer in- clinic consultation, school and home visits, individualised and group programs, school readiness programs, parents information sessions and advice regarding equipment and resources.


    What some of the parents are saying

    Highly recommended. This place has three sensory gym and amazing resources. My son loves this place and his therapist. This place is very welcoming and super inclusive. I love their play based treatment model. My son has progressed very well since attending his weekly OT sessions at Cloud Nine Therapy services.
    I highly recommend this place. My both kids have been attending weekly OT sessions at Cloud Nine past 18 months and we are so happy with their progress. Great facility and amazing team. I would not go anywhere else.
    This place is Amazing! my son and my daughter love coming to cloud nine therapy! 😊 They are fully equipped and very clean. Amisha, Deepa and the team are Fantastic! They’re truly nurturing every child’s potential. I am so grateful that I found this place. My son’s focus and social skills improved tremendously. I highly recommended this place. Thanks cloud9therapy 💓 🌟🌝🌞💫🌈