Improving Your Kid’s Handwriting with Occupational Therapy

Amisha Gandhi

14 February 2022

A number of inherent functions must work together to perform effective handwriting, including visual coordination, core strength, fine motor abilities, and hand strength—among many others. For this reason, handwriting evaluations consider more than just the letters on the page; they also consider everything that contributes to the formation of the letters.

If your child has sloppy handwriting, difficulties accurately forming letters, or issues holding a pencil properly, occupational therapy for handwriting problems can be a helpful solution. Find out the nature of bad handwriting in children, the factors surrounding it, and how occupational therapy can help improve it in the following paragraphs.

Handwriting Difficulties in Children

Handwriting problems may be present if your child’s handwriting is sloppy, illegible, not as polished as their peers’, or inconsistent. Another red flag is if your kid actively avoids writing assignments.

These are all symptoms that your child is having trouble with their handwriting. It can be difficult to determine why they’re having these issues, but for some children, it’s simply a matter of paying more attention. Instead of their motor skills, concentrating, and slowing down rather than racing through a task is a more apparent issue.

For certain children, the situation is more complicated. They may have handwriting difficulty as a result of poor visual-motor abilities, weak hand or grip strength, or posture concerns.

If you believe your child has handwriting issues, don’t hesitate to ask their teacher if they have any similar worries. Then, make an appointment for your child to be assessed by an occupational therapist for kids. It would be really helpful if you could learn how you can help them at home as well.

Factors of Handwriting Difficulties in Children

When a youngster has difficulty with handwriting, a variety of factors come into play. A child’s eyes, hands, arms, body posture, pencil grip, and letter formation must all be coordinated in order to write clearly. Postural and core support, hand and pinch strength, visual focus, concentration, fine motor abilities, visual-motor integration, and visual perception are variables that an occupational therapist will evaluate.

Not only must children be able to see and interpret information, but they must also have the necessary motor control and posture to duplicate it. It can influence their writing abilities if they have issues in one or more of these areas.

Consequences for Children with Poor Handwriting

With the advent of technology and computers, it may appear that handwriting isn’t as important as it once was. It is, nevertheless, still critical because much of a student’s schoolwork is still written by hand. Written assessments are still used by teachers to assess students’ progress.

Handwriting is a form of self-expression, and kids may find it simpler to express themselves via writing rather than typing. So the difficulty in writing may cause their mental process to be disrupted.

Because poor handwriting holds them back or frustrates them with homework, children may struggle in school or develop anxiety. However, handwriting occupational therapy can assist them in overcoming these obstacles.

The Benefit of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can help in the development of your child’s handwriting. It can assist your child in developing their handwriting skills and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. An occupational therapist for kids can concentrate on the specific areas that your child is having trouble with so that they can overcome obstacles and establish proper posture, muscle strength, and letter formation.


Even with all of today’s technology, penmanship remains an important skill. Not everything is electronic, and writing skills and muscles are utilised in other pursuits as well. It’s important to note that early detection of problems can aid in their correction before they become more serious problems or harmful habits.

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