6 Tips to Help Parents Manage ADHD in Children

Amisha Gandhi

3 January 2022

Are you looking for tips to manage ADHD in children? It is a common problem nowadays, but this does not mean that it should be taken lightly. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has no medical cure, yet its treatment methods are effective and easy to follow. These methods can help adults, children or even adults with children manage ADHD effectively.

1. Start with Behaviour Management

Despite the fact that ADHD cannot be cured, it can be managed. Behaviour management is the first step to managing ADHD. Children with ADHD have trouble controlling their impulses, which can be a problem when they are young.

When managing ADHD in children, it is essential to use rewards and punishments to help manage behaviour. Rewards are usually given when good behaviour has been achieved. On the other hand, punishments are given when bad behaviour has been achieved. Over time, good behaviour will become natural, and bad behaviour will slowly fade.

2. Proper Diet

When children are not able to behave due to ADHD, it is because they are not able to focus. This makes it difficult for them to concentrate on multiple tasks. To help manage ADHD in children, a proper diet is a must.

It is recommended to give your child a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to cut out any bad substances. A proper diet can help your child focus, despite ADHD.

3. Keep Track of Medication

Always keep track of your child’s medication intake. Once your child is on a long-term ADHD medication, it should be used consistently. Medication should be taken at the same time and in the same dosage. This can help make your child more consistent.

Once your child is on ADHD medication, it is better to keep them on it. This will help keep their attention and make them focus on their tasks. However, if your child is taking medicine, it is important to keep track of any effects.

4. Make a Schedule

Most children have trouble concentrating. Children with ADHD need to have a schedule for school and homework. Making a schedule for them will be easier for them to know what to do next. 

It is important to give at least a 15-minute break between tasks when making a schedule. This will help the child relax and refocus on their task. When the task is completed, reward them to encourage them to stick to the schedule.

5. Involve Your Child in the Process

Consult your child and ask them what they want to manage ADHD. It is a great idea to ask them if they would like to participate in a reward system. If they do not want it, use the system in your own way.

Remember that you are your child’s best advocate. If you believe that a certain method of managing ADHD is not working, don’t be afraid to try something else.

6. Enrol in a Support Group

Thousands of people are living with ADHD. It is essential to take advantage of the community living with the same condition. Support groups and conferences can help you understand your child with ADHD better. It might also make you realize you are not alone in the battle.

Better ADHD Management in Kids

This article has reviewed some of the most effective strategies for managing ADHD. What works best for managing ADHD will depend on the child, their age and the severity of symptoms, but certain general principles can help manage the condition holistically, which we would highly recommend parents consider.

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